6 thoughts on “Postcolonial Video About Rome

  1. Overall I liked this. The music is a great choice. If I had to make some stylistic suggestions, I might shorten the intro – the time between the months of busts and statues and actual text felt a little long. Otherwise some text or comments with the pictures at the end could be helpful for those less familiar with Roman art.
    The content you included was powerful and very appropriate to describe Rome from a post-colonial (anti-colonial) perspective. Well done!

  2. I believe the message is very timely. There is a vast difference of perspective between the victor and the vanguished, the empowered and the powerless. Also, both are inclined to see God as being on their side but I think neither are inclined to consider that God may be working with a different purpose (Joshua 5:13-14; Acts 17:24-27).

  3. I thought the video was good, but the last sets of images were very difficult to see and even more difficult to understand in relationship to how they reflect culture whether that reflection is from the standpoint of a colonial power or an oppressed people. It looked slick and sounded good!

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