The Heresy of “Agapē Is All We Need”

Since Roman Catholics have probably had more opportunity to think about and act against heresy than anyone else, I will defer to a helpful definition of heresy they have used.  Several Catholic internet sites define it this way, “A heresy is not the total rejection of the Christian faith but a distortion of it. One … Continue reading The Heresy of “Agapē Is All We Need”

Bono, the Bellwether of Cultural Theology

American talk show commentator and journalist Charlie Rose recently interviewed Bono (on Public Broadcasting Service, May 2013), lead composer and singer for the band U2 (22 Grammy Awards).  The lengthy interview and conversation touched on many topics and issues, with one segment focused on the religious impetus for Bono’s life and music.  In this context … Continue reading Bono, the Bellwether of Cultural Theology

Resurrection in Revelation

Sometimes it is easy for modern believers to miss the point of Revelation regarding afterlife and resurrection.  This often comes about because contemporary Christianity has drifted away from its original teachings in this regard.  Whether one agrees with everything written by the British New Testament scholar N. T. Wright (I certainly do not), he is … Continue reading Resurrection in Revelation