Pictures of Jesus from the Jewish Scriptures

As the followers of Christ evolved from a group that was largely Jewish in the first decades to a movement that was largely Gentile, numerous changes occurred.  Some of these changes were necessary and healthy, while others brought with them catastrophic consequences.  Seismic theological consequences took place as the increasingly Gentile church abandoned both its … Continue reading Pictures of Jesus from the Jewish Scriptures

They Think they are Jews, but Are Not

GRANT Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament They Think they are Jews, but Are Not One of the messier issues in early Christian history, including the book of Revelation, is the relationship between “church and synagogue.”  Certainly by the second generation of Christian history, those who believed that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah began … Continue reading They Think they are Jews, but Are Not

John’s Leadership Style

The few words that John speaks about himself bespeak much about his style of leadership and ministry.  With so many of the 7 churches of Revelation entangled in assimilation to the urban values and religions of Roman Asia, it certainly would have been easy for John to give prophecies about the virtue of assimilation and … Continue reading John’s Leadership Style

Looking for a Blessing (Part 2)

To better clarify the issue of whether one can “keep the words” of a prophetic book, it should be remembered that God expected Israel to obey the words of his prophets.  The conviction that someone can respond, either in obedience or disobedience, to a vision, visual act (e.g., gestures), or visual message is continued in … Continue reading Looking for a Blessing (Part 2)

Looking for a Blessing [Part 1]

When John presents material in groups of seven, he sometimes uses the word “seven;” there are, for example, “seven stars,” “seven lamp stands,” “seven churches,” and “seven seals.”  At other times John’s prophetic book has implicit sevens, such the heavenly encomium that  lists  (1) power, (2) riches, (3) wisdom, (4) strength, (5) honor, (6) glory, … Continue reading Looking for a Blessing [Part 1]