Without doubt the centuries have witnessed a lot of ignorance in regard to the topic of how biblical prophets used their own Scriptures. Besides ignorance, many also have not even thought to inquire about which methods were used by the prophets as they utilized their own Scriptures. A cursory investigation of the prophetic use of … Continue reading PROPHETIC TYPOLOGY

Thoughts on Idols

GRANT Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament Thoughts on Idols From time to time scholars put forth ideas or make suggestions that simply don’t seem plausible in light of the hard evidence of ancient historical facts. To borrow an adage from sports and apply it to scholarship, “from time to time even a pro will … Continue reading Thoughts on Idols

Resurrection in Revelation

Sometimes it is easy for modern believers to miss the point of Revelation regarding afterlife and resurrection.  This often comes about because contemporary Christianity has drifted away from its original teachings in this regard.  Whether one agrees with everything written by the British New Testament scholar N. T. Wright (I certainly do not), he is … Continue reading Resurrection in Revelation

Loving Devotion Preserved in Stone

GRANT Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament   Loving Devotion Preserved in Stone It is interesting that one of the longest Latin inscriptions, almost 200 lines in length, that contains personal rather than official information portrays the love of a husband for his departed wife.  The Latin inscription that is considered the jewel of all … Continue reading Loving Devotion Preserved in Stone

Religion with Numbers

     I have not forgotten that I promised in September 2011 to provide some material on the issue of isopsepha as it pertains to Revelation.  One of the reasons I have waited is that there are recent publications containing new examples of isopsepha, and I wanted these new archaeological materials to go into my … Continue reading Religion with Numbers

Colorful Prophecy

GRANT Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament There are things you can tell about an entire ocean even if you have only one cup of water from it.  Naturally a scientist would like to have as many cups and as broad a sampling as possible, but even a single cup is of some help.  The … Continue reading Colorful Prophecy