Archaeology Brings Us Closer to John’s Context

It has been assumed for years by leading NT scholars that the oldest archaeological artifacts that can be traced back to early Christians were produced after AD 180 [Graydon F. Snyder, Ante Pacem: Archaeological Evidence of Church Life Before Constantine, rev. ed. 2003].  Therefore, many do not know that it is time to abandon that … Continue reading Archaeology Brings Us Closer to John’s Context

Religion with Numbers

     I have not forgotten that I promised in September 2011 to provide some material on the issue of isopsepha as it pertains to Revelation.  One of the reasons I have waited is that there are recent publications containing new examples of isopsepha, and I wanted these new archaeological materials to go into my … Continue reading Religion with Numbers


GRANT Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament There are things you can tell about an entire ocean even if you have only one cup of water from it.  Naturally a scientist would like to have as many cups and as broad a sampling as possible, but even a single cup is of some help.  The … Continue reading BEASTLY NUMBERS