Why the Cross is Not Enough!

Healthy Christian doctrine has always rightly insisted that God’s work in Christ is all-sufficient.  Furthermore, Christianity has additionally been clear that anyone or any group that requires belief in Christ plus other things or other people or other rituals or other revelations is heretical.  What has been unclear at times is the awareness that no … Continue reading Why the Cross is Not Enough!

LGBT, Constantine, Theodosius, USA

Several recent political victories by the LGBT community and their legal representatives have disturbed various traditional Christian communities.  Adding to the understandable angst of these communities and organizations are the defections to the LGBT agenda by venerable quasi-religious organizations such the Boy Scouts of America.  The number of Christian denominations reflecting what is called Mainline … Continue reading LGBT, Constantine, Theodosius, USA

“Do Not Forgive Them, Oh Lord, For They Do Know, What They Do!”

No doubt many Christians find this title disturbing, for many reasons.  It is a negation of Luke 23:34 which traditionally has been the first of the Seven Last Words from the Cross.  Beyond being disturbed by the theology of this negation, many would also consider it disturbing to realize that this whole sentence, recorded only … Continue reading “Do Not Forgive Them, Oh Lord, For They Do Know, What They Do!”