How to Insult a Cherub

GRANT Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament How to Insult a Cherub There are so many historical questions about the Scriptures that remain unanswered, that it is sad when interpreters ignore good evidence when they have it.  I have in mind the issue of the cherubim.  These beings are mentioned several times in Scripture, all … Continue reading How to Insult a Cherub

Tested in Smyrna

The church at Smyrna is the only congregation where John mentions imprisonment for believers.  To be sure, the imprisonment of believers is not only associated in the New Testament with saints who live in Roman Asia.  In Acts (5:21-23; 16:23; 23:18), Hebrews (10:34; 13:3), and the Pauline letters, the Apostles (2 Cor. 6:5; 11:23), Pauline … Continue reading Tested in Smyrna

Non-Christian Missionaries in Antiquity

GRANT Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament At least as early as the writings of John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, interpreters of Acts 19:1-7 have thought that the “disciples” mentioned in 19:1 were “Baptists” who remained loyal to their eponymous prophetic founder, John the Baptist.  If Chrysostom and later interpreters have been correct, then naturally … Continue reading Non-Christian Missionaries in Antiquity

The God Who Comes

It is stunning how often the prophet John uses some form of the word “come” [for those into Greek, the term is erchomai].  At some later occasion under the GRANT post we will explore John’s view of time in comparison to some of the religious and philosophical views of antiquity.  Like all true biblical prophets, … Continue reading The God Who Comes

Who’s Who Among Ephesian Women

GRANT Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament There are things you can tell about an entire ocean even if you have only one cup of water from it.  Naturally a scientist would like to have as many cups and as broad a sampling as possible, but even a single cup is of some help.  The … Continue reading Who’s Who Among Ephesian Women


Those saints at Pergamum have had plenty of battles to fight, and now Christ is threatening to bring on some more, unless they shape up soon.  Once again their response to John’s message will determine what Christ does with them (2:16a).  Is it not enough that they have to live and do ministry where “Satan’s … Continue reading LOOKING FOR A FIGHT