What Happened to “Church” After the Seven Letters in Revelation?

Since the early-to-mid 19th century, Western Christianity has been influenced by Premillennialism. Without opening the lid to that eschatological Pandora’s Box, I do want to discuss one facet of that theology and hermeneutic. It is axiomatic for Premillennialism's doctrine about the book of Revelation that "the church" is raptured at a time soon following the … Continue reading What Happened to “Church” After the Seven Letters in Revelation?

Pleasures In Rome

I am certain that the young couple I saw was not only enjoying their kiss and embrace for obvious romantic pleasures, but also for some of the intentional symbolism, standing as they were at the front of what in Roman times was the magnificent Temple of Venus (= Greek Aphrodite). Venus was regarded as the … Continue reading Pleasures In Rome

The New Creation in Revelation 21-22

Greetings! I’ll skip the chitchat and move to these 2 important points. 1. My hiatus of not posting regularly during the last half of 2013 comes from the confluence of sunspots, climate change, and premature hibernation.  But I am back for a while now, deo volente.   2. My commentary is providing some speaking opportunities.  … Continue reading The New Creation in Revelation 21-22

Just How Big Was the “Whole World” to John (Rev. 3:10)?

Without bothering or boring you with too many dry details, the interpretation of Rev. 3:10 is important in the ongoing disagreement between Premillennialists and Preterists regarding the correct paradigm for the interpretation of the entire book of Revelation.  It is not my concern here, but this text is also central to the debate between Pretribulation … Continue reading Just How Big Was the “Whole World” to John (Rev. 3:10)?

Why the Cross is Not Enough!

Healthy Christian doctrine has always rightly insisted that God’s work in Christ is all-sufficient.  Furthermore, Christianity has additionally been clear that anyone or any group that requires belief in Christ plus other things or other people or other rituals or other revelations is heretical.  What has been unclear at times is the awareness that no … Continue reading Why the Cross is Not Enough!

Breastfed by the Whore of Rome

Those familiar with Roman history, culture, and imperialistic propaganda recognize this iconic tableau.  Three simple objects: the Roman she-wolf (Lupa Romana), Romulus, and Remus.  This simple scene was part of the founding myth of the city of Rome, purportedly in the 8th century BC, and its ensuing empire that dominated the world in which the … Continue reading Breastfed by the Whore of Rome