The Heresy of “Agapē Is All We Need”

Since Roman Catholics have probably had more opportunity to think about and act against heresy than anyone else, I will defer to a helpful definition of heresy they have used.  Several Catholic internet sites define it this way, “A heresy is not the total rejection of the Christian faith but a distortion of it. One … Continue reading The Heresy of “Agapē Is All We Need”

Holiness in Revelation

You, like many others, have probably wondered from time to time whether worship in heaven will be traditional or contemporary. Unfortunately, the book of Revelation is not as helpful in this matter as we might expect.  Indeed, based upon the earliest recorded signing in heaven in Revelation, it looks like neither side of the worship … Continue reading Holiness in Revelation

Two Kinds of a Love Story

     “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” is certainly one of the most memorable movie lines that has come out of Hollywood.  This was spoken twice in the 1970s film Love Story and was adapted and parodied numerous times in the following decades.  Those who have seen the movie know that it … Continue reading Two Kinds of a Love Story


Who knows why some believers in Thyatira thought that being loving toward others is enough to please God;  perhaps they had only heard of the 2nd Great Commandment and not realized that there is a prior one that requires even more, namely a deeply rooted devotion to God (Matt. 22:34-39).  In any case, some of … Continue reading WHEN IS LOVE NOT ENOUGH?