God’s Knowledge Bowl, Pagans 3––Saints 0

The pagans of this world, God’s world, exist in a paradoxical relationship with the saints of the Old Testament, New Testament, and modern times. On occasion, far too rarely, the saints of God, the saved, the elect, act like they are suppose to and truly outshine the pagans of the world, which they are suppose … Continue reading God’s Knowledge Bowl, Pagans 3––Saints 0

Looking for a Blessing [Part 1]

When John presents material in groups of seven, he sometimes uses the word “seven;” there are, for example, “seven stars,” “seven lamp stands,” “seven churches,” and “seven seals.”  At other times John’s prophetic book has implicit sevens, such the heavenly encomium that  lists  (1) power, (2) riches, (3) wisdom, (4) strength, (5) honor, (6) glory, … Continue reading Looking for a Blessing [Part 1]