Preventing the Purpose of God: Lessons from Jezebel

There has been a lot of ink used on topics such as God’s will, the sovereignty of God, predestination, free will, etc.  The episode about Jezebel at the congregation in the city of Thyatira can shed some light on conversations and discussions about these topics.  This woman’s true name is not known to us since … Continue reading Preventing the Purpose of God: Lessons from Jezebel


Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament

GRANT Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament There are things you can tell about an entire ocean even if you have only one cup of water from it.  Naturally a scientist would like to have as many cups and as broad a sampling as possible, but even a single cup is of some help.  The … Continue reading Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament