GRANT Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament             John’s teachings about the tree of life clearly play an important role in his prophecies.  The main reason for its importance stems from its association with the New Heaven and New Earth in chapters 21-22.  There it is portrayed as part of the eternal blessing for those … Continue reading THE TREE OF LIFE


I suppose that this question has more than one answer.  It is clear that John the prophet embraces the conviction that the Messiah Jesus is worthy. One of the best known and favorite perspectives on this topic is given in Revelation 5:12 where John relates Jesus’ worthiness to the fact that he was slain to … Continue reading WHY IS JESUS WORTHY?

Try a Little Kindness

GRANT Graeco-Roman Antiquities & the New Testament There were a lot of attributes of primitive Christianity that produced consternation and dismay among its onlookers.  This includes the early church’s insistence upon kindness, gentleness, and tenderheartedness.  Those early followers of Christ recognized that these virtues were incontrovertibly part of the message of God’s kingdom, to a … Continue reading Try a Little Kindness


  The next post on this blog will return to the book of Revelation and the blog's regular format.  I wanted to pause at this point to acknowledge my appreciation to all those who have viewed this blog regularly and have found it helpful.  With this long list of nationalities below from which the readers … Continue reading A VOICE AMONG THE NATIONS