Breastfed by the Whore of Rome

Those familiar with Roman history, culture, and imperialistic propaganda recognize this iconic tableau.  Three simple objects: the Roman she-wolf (Lupa Romana), Romulus, and Remus.  This simple scene was part of the founding myth of the city of Rome, purportedly in the 8th century BC, and its ensuing empire that dominated the world in which the … Continue reading Breastfed by the Whore of Rome

Looking for a Blessing [Part 1]

When John presents material in groups of seven, he sometimes uses the word “seven;” there are, for example, “seven stars,” “seven lamp stands,” “seven churches,” and “seven seals.”  At other times John’s prophetic book has implicit sevens, such the heavenly encomium that  lists  (1) power, (2) riches, (3) wisdom, (4) strength, (5) honor, (6) glory, … Continue reading Looking for a Blessing [Part 1]


Who knows why some believers in Thyatira thought that being loving toward others is enough to please God;  perhaps they had only heard of the 2nd Great Commandment and not realized that there is a prior one that requires even more, namely a deeply rooted devotion to God (Matt. 22:34-39).  In any case, some of … Continue reading WHEN IS LOVE NOT ENOUGH?