Why the Cross is Not Enough!

Healthy Christian doctrine has always rightly insisted that God’s work in Christ is all-sufficient.  Furthermore, Christianity has additionally been clear that anyone or any group that requires belief in Christ plus other things or other people or other rituals or other revelations is heretical.  What has been unclear at times is the awareness that no … Continue reading Why the Cross is Not Enough!

The Enchantment of Assimilation

The history of Israel, documented by both the prophetic and narrative texts, leaves little doubt that assimilation to the surrounding idolatrous values and culture was an easy path for most of God’s people.  If Jesus’ own perceptions are to be trusted, and they are, then he also detected the almost inevitability of this when he … Continue reading The Enchantment of Assimilation

Two Kinds of a Love Story

     “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” is certainly one of the most memorable movie lines that has come out of Hollywood.  This was spoken twice in the 1970s film Love Story and was adapted and parodied numerous times in the following decades.  Those who have seen the movie know that it … Continue reading Two Kinds of a Love Story