The next post on this blog will return to the book of Revelation and the blog’s regular format.  I wanted to pause at this point to acknowledge my appreciation to all those who have viewed this blog regularly and have found it helpful.  With this long list of nationalities below from which the readers of this blog come, it should be clear that the readership is more than family, friends, and former students.  I do participate in distance education where I teach [Harding School of Theology], but even that would not have enabled me to have taught so many students in distant nations.  As the number of page views approaches 9,000 [since September 2011], I hope that the ideas and themes found on this blog have been true to Scripture as well as relevant to God’s people throughout the world.  If you have found this blog to be helpful, I hope you will share its URL with others.
With Blessings,
Richard Oster

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